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Customized solutions adapted to the sector of your company

Tell us how is your activity
and we tell you what benefits we bring you


We can make your consultation / hospital more efficient and save you management costs.

  • Automatic appointment request management: no one will have to take calls. Automatic answer by phone or chat.

  • Appointment reminder by SMS so that nobody fails you and they notify you in advance.

  • State of delivery of analytics, X-rays, etc.

  • Payment of the consultation in advance.

Everything fully automated!

Pensamientos creativos


If you are a marketing agency or need to do recruitment, loyalty, recovery campaigns, etc., we save you work and money :


  • Sending bulk SMS at an unbeatable price.

  • SMS with a call to action directed to a landing page that you create in a minute.

  • Know the effectiveness of your SMS campaign in real time.

  • If you make a recovery, your clients will be able to pay through an automatic system.


And it's super easy!  



Logistics requires a lot of process automation. Are you interested in automating

customer service processes ?:

  • Automatic response to where is my package? By phone or chat.

  • Notice of package arrival by SMS.

  • Automatic satisfaction surveys.

  • Claims attention without human intervention, with a robot (voice or chat).


We go as far as you need!


Minibuses Blancos
Servicio de electrodomésticos


If you repair electrical appliances, have a car workshop, etc., you know the time you waste serving customers:

  • Have a bot tell your customers when the job will be done.

  • Notify the customer by SMS if the repair is complete.

  • Make automatic satisfaction surveys by SMS or through a call from an automated system.

  • Launches review by SMS campaigns.

We automate customer service


We help you alleviate the steps you have to do with your clients:

  • SMS tax payment reminders.

  • Request for documentation through a bot.

  • Signing of contracts electronically.

  • Automatic management of appointments to serve customers.

Better serve your customers effortlessly!

reunión de negocios
Trabajando desde casa


Is teleworking done in your company?

  • Your employees will serve customers from home.

  • All employees securely connected to company servers.

  • Organize virtual meetings, video calls, etc., easily.

Delocalize your employees easily


In the new digitized world you have to evolve your company. And the digital transformation begins with attention to customers:

  • Attention to the customer for any channel: phone, chat, WhatsApp, social networks.

  • Use bots to attend 24x7 and optimize your resources (chat and voice bot).

Transform customer service!


And we also give you all the communication services you need:


A single supplier ...  
... to make everything easier

But even if your activity is another ...
... we have a customized solution for your business

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